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Katsushika Hokusai
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Crow, Sword and Plum Blossom
A fine recut Meiji era sheet of this impressive Hokusai design, rarely seen .

The Crows plumage is richly embellished with overlaid ink to add depth and sheen.

Shiganobu Rinsai
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Courtesan holding instument

Kubo Shunman
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Chinese Goddess on flying Crane
A Chinese Goddess, likely Nu Wa, is one of the Creators of the universe in Chinese mythology. Typically portrayed carrying a mouth organ, (SHO), she rides richly attired on the back of an elegant white Crane. The Print is likely an egoyomi, an early calendar Print. An exquisite image on soft paper with excellent color and silver highlights

Kubo Shunman
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Musician playing Shakuhachi
A seated beauty plays a bamboo flute Delicate detail and subltle colors enhance this lovely antique image

Kubo Shunman
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Scholars and Courtesan
A delightful image in the artists characteristic colors of red, yellow and grey

Utagawa Toyohiro
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Lovers at sea
A delicate rendering of a pair of lovers at sail on a treasure ship laden with gifts. She holds a small basket of fruit and appears to contemplate serving her lover a portion; he holds a small plate in anticipation

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