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Category -- Woodblock Print

Akubi dome jinbitsu sara,'A Human Textile Pattern to stop you yawning

Artist:Utagawa Kuniyoshi
Description:Woodblock Print, (nisihiki-e)with fourteen bodies joined together to look like 35 people. The image was inspired by Persian and Indian Textiles. The image is part of MFA Museum Collection, British Museum, Koninklije Museum, Brussels

A rare Print

Edition:Edo Period
Condition:fair, print is faded with wrinkles and light soil,paper is mounted over light board
Image Size:oban yokoe 14X 9.5 inches
Canvas Size:13.5 X 18 inches
Signed:Ichiyrusai Kuniyoshi giga
Sealed:censor seal:kiwame
Publisher:Yamamotoya Heikichi
Series:reference Japanese Prenten, Koninklijke Musea, p.CXXIX
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