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Category -- Woodblock Print

The Poet Hagiwara Sakutaro

Artist:Kochiro Onchi
Description:Onchi had illustrated and designed Hagiwara's first collection of poems 'Tsuki ni hoeru' (Howling at the Moon) in 1917 and remained closely associated with him.Only seven sheets were produced by the artist himself . There were seven blocks and fifteen printing stages, resulting in a densely sombre palette. Onchi himself referred to this print as 'The Author of the Ice Island' - the name of one of Hagiwara's best-known works, published in 1934. However, in 1949 he allowed his close colleague Sekino (1987, 0316, 0250; 1987, 0316, 0446) to make an edition of fifty; while in 1955 Onchi's family commissioned an unlimited edition from the printer Hirai Koichi. This is a fine example of one of the Hirai editions.

Edition:Hirai Koichi Memorial Edition
Image Size:20.75 X 16.5 inches
Canvas Size:
Sealed:In red(k) lower left within imsge
Special Label:Stamped verso Memorial Edition
Publisher:Hirai Koichi
Series:Memorial Edition, Posthumous
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