Utagawa Kuniyoshi

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The actor Iwai Shijaku in the role of Ohatsu - Utagawa  Kuniyoshi

Rain Prayer (Komachi), 1855

Woodblock Print  
15 x 10 in

Description: A delightful image of a woman bending over at the waist looking into a sake bottle, while two cats play at her feet. An inset depicts the poetess Ono no Komachi, having had her prayers for rain answered, being sheltered by an umbrella held by an attendant

Issued: 1855

Edition: 1855

Condition: very good color and impression with full margins, slight roll at left edge and tiny ink run

Signed: in black brush within cartouche

Sealed: Kiwami

Special Label: Kuniyoshi

Publisher: Mikawa-ya

Series: The Seven Komachi