Miki Suizan

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Kankai Pavilion_ Wakaura Beach - Miki  Suizan

Autumn at Tsutenkyo, 1924

Woodblock Print  
11 x 16.25 in

Description: An outstanding sheet of one of the few landscape prints by the artist. Although the Suizan's prints are of traditional subject matter, they have a modern feeling, combining detailed portraits with abstracted landscapes and vivid colors. The artist's acclaimed works were displayed at the Toledo exhibition in 1930.

Issued: 1924

Edition: 1924

Condition: excellent color, impression and state small tape remains at top corner verso

Signed: 'Suizan' in black within image

Sealed: in red

Special Label: Carver Kentaro, Printer Oiura Tokuza,

Publisher: Sato Sentoro

Series: New Selection of noted places of Kyoto (First Series)