Komura Settai

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Momiji - Autumn Leaves - Komura  Settai

Momiji - Autumn Leaves, 1938

Woodblock Print  
15.5 x 10.5 in

Description: A young woman in traditional dress, stands against a building, the night sky and moon above; she holds a fall leaf delicately in her hand and looks at it pensively, her fine features delicately drawn. The red color of the leaf is used again, in her hair, the lining of her sleeve, her obi, and on her lips. It is a poetic image with sweet and melancholy overtones.

Issued: 1938-39

Edition: none

Condition: over all, in fair condition; toning in center, tiny tears in upper margin, pin hole under image in lower margin and some paper thinning in margins

Sealed: in red lower left corner

Series: ABE, The Female Image, #220