Kotondo Torii

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Large snow flakes - Kotondo  Torii

Snow (Yuki), 1929

Woodblock Print  
18.5 x 11.75 in

Description: Exceptional and rare print of this fine image: a woman, at her window, her chin resting on her hands, looks pensively before her. Her silhouette is decoratively outlined. Fine pattern in quilt and collar contrast with the black garment. Geometric lines and gently curvilinear ones create a carefully balanced decorative ambience.

Issued: October, 1929

Edition: 84/200, 2nd edition by Kawaguchi

Condition: excellent

Signed: in ink

Sealed: red seal: Kotondo

Publisher: co-published by Kawaguchi and Sakai

Special Label: See: The Female Image #172. Page 129

$ 5,400.00

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