Kotondo Torii

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Large snow flakes - Kotondo  Torii

Large Snowflakes, 1931

Woodblock Print  
19 x 13 in

Description: As the title of this outstanding image suggests, large snowflakes are falling as a woman bends her head under her umbrella, gently looking back over her shoulder. Soft colors and a pensive mood prevail. The image fills the picture plane excellently, as the eye is led from the top left diagonally to the lower right, adding to the focus on the woman's beautiful features.

Issued: 1931

Edition: later, limited reprint

Condition: excellent

Signed: in image

Sealed: Itoh Susumu/Watanabe Yoshiaki

Special Label: watermark to left margin

Publisher: Kawaguchi, Saika

$ 1,460.00

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