Ohara Koson

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Frogs imitating a sumo wresting match - Ohara  Koson

Frogs imitating a sumo wresting match, 1927

Woodblock Print  
10.5 x 14.5 in

Description: A rare image by Hoson, one of only 17 images published by Kawaguchi and Sakai in the 1930s.The Print is enhanced with extensive embossing. The number 30 and Kawaguchi stamped bottom margin verso

Issued: 1927 - 1940

Condition: good condition with tape shadows and toning within margins and verso, small tape remain at bottom margin verso

Signed: in black Hoson+H.a

Sealed: Kawaguchi &Sakai 'D' seal used1927-40

Special Label: Cranes Seal of Printer Kamatsu and carver Maeda lower left margin

Publisher: Kawaguchi Sakai

Series: Cranes Crows and Camellias p.203, H39.2