Ohara Koson

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Three Mice - One of them Nibbling on a Feather - Ohara  Koson

Temple in rain with trees in the foreground, 1910

Woodblock Print  
14.5 x 5 in

Description: This is one of the few examples of small landscape panels designed early in Koson's career for Kokkeido. Soft muted colors predominate, punctuated by dark trees in the foreground.

Issued: c. 1910

Edition: c. 1910

Condition: Very fine condition Soft evidence of handling top left corner

Image Size: 14.5 x 5 inches

Canvas Size: chu-tanzaku

Signed: in black within image

Sealed: Koson+K.c , Kokkeido

Special Label: CCC page 194, K44.14

Publisher: Kokkeido

Series: Landscapes