Tomoe Yokoi

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Apples in a Basket with a Pink Napkin - Tomoe  Yokoi

Apples in a Basket with a Pink Napkin

13 x 20 in

Description: As the shelf fades to the sides, two apples in a basket emerge as beautiful shapes out of the dark around them. The artist has handled shading and color contrasts most delicately. Green, grey, and red delicately merge. The pink napkin is a bright focus and stands out in interesting folds. The subject of the print is, in effect, shape, color, contrast and detail - combined in work in which superfluous elements are avoided. The rich mezzotint medium - requiring so much patient, detailed work - is here used to produce a fine work of art.

Edition: 42/100

Condition: pristine

Signed: in pencil: T. Yokoi