Tsuchiya Koitsu

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Nijjubashi Bridge - Tsuchiya  Koitsu

Nijubashi Bridge, 1939

Woodblock Print  
10.5 x 15 in

Description: Lovely view of Nijubashi Bridge at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Large pine trees frame the scene overhead, and the palace rises in the distance in soft tones of lavender and blue. Beautifully detailed with the buildings and stonework delicately drawn, and reflections shimmering in the water below the bridge. This is a rare design printed only in 1939, commissioned by the government for the 1939 promotional book titled "Beautiful Nippon." The publication was part of a wartime effort to unite the Japanese public and encourage patriotism during WWII. There is no publisher's seal, which was thought to have been inappropriate to include on a print for this usage. A lovely and rare design.

Issued: September 1939

Edition: first edition

Condition: excellent color state and impression

Signed: in black within image

Sealed: in red

Special Label: no publisher seal, as correct

Publisher: Shobido or Doi Sadaichi

Series: Wartime Prints