Tsuchiya Koitsu

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Nezu Shrine in Snow - Tsuchiya  Koitsu

Nezu Shrine in Snow, 1934

Woodblock Print  
15.5 x 11 in

Description: A wonderful mood is conveyed by means of lighting and multiple variations of colors in blues, grays, white, red, yellow tones and black. The focus is on a woman walking in the temple courtyard; we see her figure from the back, leading our view toward the distant doorway in which another figure is discovered. The scene is framed by a large lantern and a tree which emphasize, in turn the perspective of the setting. Above and beyond, it is the lighting and mood of the snowy winter night that gives this image the gentle and profound effect.

Issued: 1934

Edition: Yokoi, Harada

Condition: very fine color state and condition. Faint evidence of previous framing in margin and verso purchased in Japan shortly following WW11

Signed: in black brush

Sealed: in red

Special Label: Harada Yokoi published c. 1950

Publisher: Doi Hangaten