Tsuchiya Koitsu

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Kagarazaka at Ushigome - Tsuchiya  Koitsu

Kagurazaka at Ushigome, 1939

Woodblock Print  
17 x 10.75 in

Description: On a rainy evening, a woman approaches a teahouse with large lantern above, featuring the letters of Doi Hangaten, the Publisher; the glow of the lantern softly illuminates the scene - house- fronts and street, as rain descends in light. vertical lines onto the wet pavement. The isolation of the woman with umbrella is relieved by the small figure approaching just around the corner in the distance. A mood of quiet pervades, as in so many of Koitsu's works.

Issued: 1939

Edition: postwar strike c. 1945

Condition: outstanding color state and condition faint tape stain top edge

Signed: in black within image

Sealed: in red 'sui'

Special Label: Hanmoto Tokyo-Do seal left margin

Publisher: Doi Hangaten

Series: Tokyo Fukei Series