Kawase Hasui

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Evening Snow at Golden Pavilion - Kawase  Hasui

Evening Snow at Golden Pavilion, 1930

Woodblock Print  
11 x 11 in

Description: Soft snow falls on a lake slightly obscuring a view of the Golden Pavilion at the far shore.Drifts cover rock and grasses at the waters edge, as well as trees and rooftops surrounding the pavilion. From an edition of 200 commissioned by the artists daughter from the original blocks.

Issued: originally published 1930

Edition: 1988, second edition of 200

Condition: pristine

Signed: in black brush

Sealed: in red 'sui'

Special Label: Hotei No.380

Publisher: Tokyo Takahashi Kobo

Series: Twelve Scenes of Famous Places

$ 500.00

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