Kawase Hasui

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Hikawa Park at Omiya - Kawase  Hasui

Hikawa Park at Omiya, 1930

Woodblock Print  
15.25 x 10.25 in

Description: In this rare, beautiful Print, a stand of large trees rises high into the morning sky, as the sun touches their tops with rosy hue; in the distance, through the trees, gentle white clouds drift, completing this elegant, poetic image of nature at the break of day.

Issued: 1930, Showa 5

Edition: first edition

Condition: excellent

Signed: in black, lower right

Sealed: red 'Sui' seal

Special Label: Watanabe 'D' cartouche

Publisher: Watanabe Shozaburo

Series: Hotei #207

$ 2,700.00

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