Natori Shunsen

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Nakamura Fukusuke V - Natori  Shunsen

Bando Mitsugoro as Farmer Manbei, 1929

Woodblock Print  
16.5 x 10.5 in

Description: Firm, finely drawn, expressive profile in detailed, colorful robe, excellent bokashi, bright, beautifully related color - overall, in excellent condition.

Issued: 1929

Edition: none

Condition: very good, slight soiling in margins, lower margin possibly slightly trimmed, mica detail in hair, fine embossing of detail in garment and weapon handle, oval collector's seal lower right corner

Signed: Shunsen

Sealed: with seal and carver's mark Watanabe

Special Label: Diamond seal by Watanabe on verso

$ 1,050.00

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