Okiie Hashimoto

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Nishikori Castle - Okiie  Hashimoto

Nishikori Castle, 1954

Woodblock Print  
15.5 x 21.5 in

Description: One of Hashimoto's well known prints with the castle in a colorful landscape setting. From the strongly accentuated building in the left foreground, a white wall and foliage leads the eye into the distance to the castle. Hashimoto has used color contrasts of white and black, bright reds and muted greens, to create a strong, bright, cheerful image.

Issued: 1954

Edition: unnumbered

Condition: excellent

Signed: stamped Okiie Hashimoto

Sealed: n red Hashimoto

Special Label: embossed name in margin, in Kanji