Okiie Hashimoto

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Chrysanthemums - Okiie  Hashimoto

Chrysanthemums, 1959

Woodblock Print  
25 x 21 in

Description: The print is divided, in composition; the upper half consisting of abstract patterns in blues and green; these become larger areas, with fine detail of the wood grain, towards the center. The lower area of the print is filled with an abundance of Chrysanthemum, lively in colors of grays, black and yellow. A very attractive image.

Issued: 1959

Edition: 9/50

Condition: there is some soiling and creasing in the margins, creasing extends into the image, this is not noticeable, unless closely examined, because of the lively pattern; the print was rolled up in the past. Color and printing are excellent.

Signed: Okiie Hashimoto in pencil

Sealed: in red

$ 1,200.00

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