Taiso Yoshitoshi

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Tokugawa Tohime - Taiso  Yoshitoshi

Tokugawa Yohime, 1886

Woodblock Print  
14.25 x 10 in

Description: Princess Yohime, daughter of the eleventh Shogun, is crouched down, tying the sandal of her husband. He sits, half in and out of the entrance to a house with stepping stones; behind him, a sliding door with falling petals.

Issued: 1886-88

Condition: outstanding condition, with original colors and exceptional detail

Signed: Ikkaiasai Yoshitoshi

Sealed: Taiso

Special Label: carver Sutentsudo Enkatsu, Yamamoto

Publisher: Yamao Shimbunsha

Series: Personalites of Recent Times

$ 300.00

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