Tadashi Nakayama

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Sunflower - Tadashi  Nakayama

The Great Stallion (A), 1985

Woodblock Print  
48 x 35 in


Description: Magnificent very large Stallion in pristine condition - a Print that comes along very rarely. Very complete and detailed woodblock with silver and gold leaf on paper. 23 separate blocks, 38 colors of ink and 40 printing steps. The Stallion steps forward, mane flying. Its presence is commanding, rich and magnificent. One of the most dramatic Horse Designs, with silver leaf and bold diamond pattern on black background Can be shipped with gold wood frame made to order in Japan (without glass).

Issued: 1984

Edition: 72/85

Condition: excellent

Paper Size: 40 x 28 inches

Framed Size: 48 x 35

Signed: in pencil

Sealed: in red