Tadashi Nakayama

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Flaming Horses - Tadashi  Nakayama

Gala Dress - Seiso, 1963

Woodblock Print  
40 x 27 in

Description: Very fine Print; according to the Artist 4 blocks were used, 4 colors and 4 stages of printing The large, delicately limbed horse, is covered by a fine elaborate blanket in diamond pattern, slanting elegantly towards the ground. Warm, vibrant color enriched with silver mica further distinguishes this magnificent Print

Issued: 1963

Edition: 42/55

Condition: very good very faint mat line

Image Size: 40 x 27 in, 90.7 x 57.5 cm

Signed: in pencil - Nakayama

Publisher: artist himself

Series: Single Horses with Geometric Patterned Blankets

$ 1,875.00

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