Kiyoshi Nagai

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The House at the Seaside - Kiyoshi  Nagai

The House at the Seaside, 1970

Woodblock Print  
18.625 x 23.75 in

Description: The house stands firmly outlined against the distant sea; its geometric shape, a grid of verticals and horizontals contrasts with the curvilinear patterns of foliage in the foreground. The Prints is a symphony of muted colors, rich greens, black and grays. The stippled, white/grey foreground, repeated in the background, turns to a soft yellow within the building's outline, and serves to unite the composition, in this attractive print.

Issued: 1970

Edition: 6/147

Condition: excellent color and impression; slight creasing and soiling to margin; some soiling on verso.

Signed: Kiyoshi Nagai