Kiyoshi Saito

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Ancient City Kyoto - Kiyoshi  Saito

Ancient City Kyoto, 1970

Woodblock Print  
17.5 x 23.5 in

Description: In this mysterious Print,the Artist appears to mourn the passing of an era in the ancient city of Kyoto. The advance of the modern world is evident in power poles portrayed amidst persimmon laden trees. On the white building in the foreground, two ledges seem to represent 'weeping' eyes , stark against the stucco.A powerful image, enhanced with silver mica.

Issued: 1970

Edition: 80/80

Condition: very fine color state and impression. Tape remains at top margin verso

Signed: in white ink within image


Special Label:

Publisher: self published

Series: Kyoto

$ 2,200.00

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