Kiyoshi Saito

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Daitoku-ji Kyoto (D) - Kiyoshi  Saito

Daitoku-ji Kyoto (D), 1960

Woodblock Print  
24 x 18 in

Description: In this print, contrasting compositional elements are very clearly defined: the bright, open walkway leads to stacked dark forms, where the walk abruptly stops; the rounded shape of the green tree contrasts with the elegantly rising temple roof; excellent use has been made by Saito of the block's wood grain - the planes of sky, temple wall and walkway echo each other and tie the composition together, as does the cross shape of the path, repeated on the forward temple wall. Delicate stones in front add a light, almost playful touch, in contrast to the bold, dense shapes beyond.

Issued: 1960

Edition: 30/150

Condition: excellent, very slight paper loss and crease in top left corner

Signed: in black ink

Sealed: in red, front and verso

Special Label: self carved, self printed Kiyoshi Saito, sealed in red

Publisher: self published

Series: Kyoto Temple

$ 1,800.00

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