Yuichi Hasegawa



YUICHI HASEGAWA, Born 1945,  Aizu-Wakamatsu, Japan

Hasegawa began making woodblock prints in 1970, being heavily influenced by the renowned Kiyoshi SAITO, another native of Northern Japan.  Hasegawa, however, utilizes a unique approach to woodblock printing in that he only uses one block and one carving, coloring that block with oil paint repeatedly.  This technique is known as “multi-color printing.”

Because the woodblock is used numerous times for one print, the block itself becomes worn out quickly.  It is for this reason that Hasegawa keeps his edition numbers low, typically running prints in editions of 20 or less.  His use of oil paints creates a beautiful, tactile surface thickly impacted with well-defined color and metallic inks. 

Hasegawa is inspired by the beautiful, varied landscape of the Fukushima province in Northern Japan.


Cincinnati Museum of Art, Ohio

Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg, Germany

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia

Singapore National Museum

Newark City Museum, New Jersey

The Rockefeller Collection


1994 Japan Week Print Exhibition, Egypt

1996 Japanese Moment Exhibition, Finland

1998 Solo Exhibition, Singapore

1995 – 2005, CWAJ, Tokyo, Japan